Industrial Concrete Floors for Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

Automated storage and retrieval systems, or ASRS, were first used in Europe due to high labor, land and fuel prices  associated with locating distribution facilities in urban areas.  Economics dictated taller buildings, as high as 110-feet with 70-foot pallet racks and aisles as narrow as 4 feet.  Those same economic trends are now in place in the United States and parts of Canada and facilities similar to those seen on the Continent are being built here.

Again and again, North America’s leading design-build contractors and building owners are turning to Kalman’s proven record of providing ultra-hard super-flat floors when they need to build high density, high throughput storage facilities that fully exercise an owner’s “air rights”. We can meet the most exacting standards seen in ASRS elevation envelopes, one-inch or less in variation over the entire floor.

Call us for a quote today if you are designing an ASRS facility system.  Our sales engineers will gladly share their experience with floors and tolerances for a rack supported building, high cube utilization facility or high conventional rack storage system.