Beverage Distribution

The success of every beverage distribution warehouse lies on having an incredibly durable, easy to clean industrial concrete floor, and Kalman Floor Company delivers. Our state–of–the–art industrial concrete warehouse floor boasts 80% fewer joints than a standard industrial floor.

What does that mean to you? A beverage distribution warehouse floor that offers near worry–free operation by providing lower maintenance costs, lower equipment maintenance costs and reduced lift truck operator fatigue and injuries. Your product moves quickly and efficiently while your company enjoys substantial savings.

Kalman’s non–dusting, abrasion resistant, self–polishing warehouse industrial floor is ideal for bottling and distribution facilities — and installed by market leaders nationwide, in facility after facility, year after year. Offering easy clean–up, the industry’s most durable joints and superior crack resistance, our beverage distribution warehouse floors withstand the daily rigors of lift truck traffic and perform beautifully in even the most extreme conditions, and for decades. At Kalman Floor Company, we combine the industry’s highest quality beverage distribution warehouse floor with the industry’s most comprehensive and longest warranty. With a Kalman Floor, it’s easy to keep your costs down while ensuring peak productivity. And if you have a floor that needs resurfacing or restoration, we can help bring it up to speed!

Call us today, and we’ll gladly arrange to show you a Kalman Floor in your area.