Factors affecting shrinkage Powers; Meininger; and Tremper and Spellman are the three references I have used most to explain the causes of drying shrinkage. Each of them point out that water demand of the separate materials used in concrete is the major determinant of the shrinkage of concrete. I maintain that variations in water demand caused by the separate concrete ingredients has a far greater effect […]

Kalman Floor Company, known for its innovative approach to creating solutions for industrial concrete floor customers, concluded its exhibition and sponsorship of educational and technical discussions at SWANA’s WASTECON®.  Kalman installs highly abrasion resistant floors for transfer stations, materials recycling facilities and associated maintenance shops but also works to educate the industry and meet its ever changing needs. Kalman is currently scheduling […]

Kalman Floor Company will be exhibiting at this year’s WASTECON show August 23-25 in Nashville, Tennessee. Kalman sales engineers will be at the show to discuss long lasting floor solutions for solid waste facilities in booth 249 in the exhibit hall.  Kalman will also be sponsoring the Transfer Station Design and Expansion technical education sessions. WASTECON is conference hosted by the Solid […]

Solid waste facility floors typically last five years before replacement is required at great expense and operational downtime.  At the Monterey (CA) Regional Waste Management District MRF the floor lasted 10 years longer than expected saving time and money through reduced maintenance costs. In 1996, the Monterey Regional Waste Management District in Marina, California selected Kalman Floor Company to install a 40,000 […]

A Series examining the causes of shrinkage and curling of slabs on grade and design considerations that can minimize these effects.

The floor is where all the action is in the Byrne Arena at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Elephants pound on the floor during circus performances, hockey players race down the frozen floor and musicians construct massive stages atop the 18,000 square foot Kalman Absorption Process® industrial concrete floor. Though, spectators will never see the jointless, super-hard, abrasion […]

Concrete floors are one of the most troublesome items in today’s industrial buildings. Surveys over the years indicate that about six of every ten buildings have floor problems, most often because the floor is manufactured on the construction site and subjected to variances of temperature and other weather conditions, inexperienced work crews, and poor quality control during and after its manufacture. In […]

Kalman Floor Company received the 2006 Construction Communications’ Plaque of Honor for its work on the Safeway Distribution Center in Auburn, Washington. Kalman Floor Company poured more than 1,051,802 square feet of Kalman Seamless Concrete® and Kalman Monorock® for this award-winning project.  The 116-acre site consists of 8,913 square feet of administration space, a 20,352 square foot truck maintenance building with Tilt-up […]

Kalman Floor Company won the 2004 Excellence in Concrete Award presented by the Northern New England Concrete Promotion Association. Working with PCI Architecture and ProCon Construction, Kalman Floor Company installed more than 310,500 square feet of Kalman Seamless Concrete® and Kalman Monorock® for F.W. Webb’s central distribution warehouse in Amherst, New Hampshire.  The warehouse consists of 250,000 square feet of high bay […]