Since 1924, Kalman Floor Company has completed an impressive 256 projects for the Coca-Cola Company. The projects have taken place all over the U.S. in 30 different states and encompass 4.7 million square feet of industrial flooring. In 2007, we were pleased that Coca-Cola selected Kalman to install another 33,000 square feet of SC® Monorock® as an addition to one of their East Coast warehouses.

Coca-Cola requires industrial floors that can withstand the incredibly high volume of product that moves throughout their warehouses on a daily basis. Further, the bottling process can sometimes result in syrup spilling onto the warehouse floor; making industrial flooring that is easy to clean a high priority.

The picture above features an 112,000 square foot Coca-Cola facility where Kalman installed a monolithically hardened Seamless Concrete® floor in 2000. By virtue of Kalman’s unique technology, joints in this facility are spaced at about 100’ on-center instead of 20’ on-center as would be required with conventional concrete. This eliminated approximately 2.2 miles of floor joints; reducing vehicle maintenance costs.

The upper right photo is a 1997 Kalman project with all new construction and approximately 117,000 square feet of ordinary portland cement slab with Monorock® monolithic stone-densified surface finish, and approximately 198,000 square feet of Kalman SC® slab with Monorock® finish.

The lower right photo was taken in the area with the Kalman SC® Monorock® floor system. As you can see, this installation produces a virtually joint-free floor, providing the owner with years of lower maintenance costs and higher productivity than a typical floor with many more joints can offer.

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