Smithfield Foods is the world’s largest pork processor and hog producer. In 2006, when they were constructing a new facility in North Carolina they needed a premium industrial floor that would meet Smithfield’s high standards for food safety and their commitment to the environment, their employees and value creation.

Kalman Floor Company installed its specialty Seamless Concrete® floor system in Smithfield’s new facility. This system provided a floor that’s durable, non dusting, and virtually seamless.

Floor joints are a significant problem for food producers because they provide crevices for bacterial growth. Kalman SC® slabs are installed with construction joints on approximately 100-foot centers whereas typical portland cement/pozzolanic slabs have construction and saw cut control joints on 20-foot centers. Eliminating 80% of the floor joints greatly reduces the amount of floor and vehicle maintenance in the facility.

Clearly, food processing plants benefit from a virtually joint-free floor. There are fewer joints to harbor contaminants and bacteria, creating a more sanitary environment for food production.

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