In 1996, the city of Monterey, California built a materials recovery facility (MRF). They chose Kalman Floor Company to install a durable, abrasion-resistant, long-lasting floor. Kalman’s floor solution outlasted the MRF’s floor life expectancy by ten years, a feat no other industrial concrete floor installer has been able to replicate.

The floor in a MRF receives abuse from tracked vehicles constantly scraping and tearing at the floor and allowing corrosive waste materials to eat away at the floor’s surface. With the floor under attack every day by front-end loaders and bulldozers the Monterey MRF expected to replace its floor every five years. To meet the challenge, Kalman Floor Company installed 40,000 square feet of Kalman Seamless Concrete® base slab and topped the floor with Kalman Absorption Process® concrete floor topping.

The Kalman Seamless Concrete® base slab eliminated all but two bulkhead joints. With fewer joints, the front-end loader and bulldozer buckets are less likely to trap trash into joint crevices and tear up the floor. Kalman Absorption Process® concrete topping has a large amount of carefully selected coarse aggregate and a cement-rich paste. Poured with a high slump to allow the coarse aggregate to flow into place, the “water-of-workability” is then removed with drying blankets after the concrete is in place. After consolidation and troweling, the result is a concrete floor with the density of quarry tile and a hard, durable finish.

“We worked with Monterey MRF to develop an innovative floor solution that would save time and money over the life of the floor,” said Don Ytterberg of Kalman Floor Company, “our sales engineers often consult with the design-builder and owners to develop solutions for their unique needs.”

With three times the expected life span, this floor truly paid for itself!