Ice Rinks and Arenas

Indoor sports arenas place unique demands on their concrete floors. A skating rink for a matinee game is a basketball or lacrosse that night, and a circus the next. Your multipurpose concrete floor must be able to withstand constant extreme temperatures and extreme temperature changes along with heavy equipment traffic.

Only Kalman Floor Company’s high density concrete floors are up to these challenges. Using a combination of our Monorock® stone-densified, monolithic floor and Absorption Process® topping, Kalman achieves a rock–hard, impervious finish. And because our process requires 80% fewer joints than traditional concrete floors, we’re able to provide a smooth, blemish–free surface. The result is a beautifully polished, long–wearing, minimal maintenance multipurpose arena concrete floor that’s ready for any sort of competition or show.

You’ll find Kalman Floor Company’s high density concrete floors in hockey arenas and sports coliseums across the country, including the world–famous Madison Square Garden, Pepsi Center, Budweiser Event Center, The Denver Coliseum and more. Ideal for extreme, ever–changing conditions, Kalman’s non–dusting, abrasion–resistant concrete floor offers superior resistance to freeze–thaw cycles and unbeatable durability.

In fact, when Madison Square Garden rebuilt their facility in the 1990s, they built the new superstructure around their 30 year old Kalman high density concrete floor. That’s a show of
strength only Kalman can provide.