Our Products

What makes Kalman Floor Company unique are the dozens of industry–leading processes and products we’ve developed over our near–century of operations. Since 1916, Kalman Floor Company has served industries ranging from grocery distribution to waste management. We continually offer latest thinking so you get the most desirable, highest quality industrial floors backed by the concrete floor industry’s best warranty.
Our innovative products and services include:

Kalman Floor Company’s warranty is longer and more comprehensive than any other offered by any industrial concrete floor contractor. But the value of having a Kalman Floor doesn’t end at providing durability and longevity. Kalman Floors are green, too. Call us today to find out how a Kalman Floor helps maximize your LEED® points.

These competitive advantages stem from our floors having dramatically fewer joints (80% less than standard industrial floors), our patented reinforcing system, and our state–of–the–art ultra–hard toppings. Many try to copy but no one can duplicate the Kalman industrial floor and its unprecedented performance and durability — even in the most extreme operating conditions. Every day, nearly 100 million square feet of Kalman Floors at hundreds of facilities nationwide are standing up to combinations of permanent sub–zero temperatures, non–stop lift truck traffic, constant attack of sliding pallets with exposed nails, incessant grinding by metal-tracked tractors and bulldozers plus the weight shifts and caustic mix of refuse tipped off trucks at waste transfer stations. The list of challenges Kalman Floors is never–ending and never unmet. We guarantee it.

Kalman Floor Company’s top quality manufacturing and distribution center floors are found in every state, every province, and nearly every major city in North America — and there’s a reason. They perform. They’re simply the best non–dusting, self–polishing, ultra–flat, abrasion resistant concrete floors. For you, that means higher material handling speeds, lower equipment maintenance costs and reduced lift truck operator fatigue. In a changing economy, when the location of future aisles may not be easy to predict and there is potential for re–racking, our patented joints are made to accept the changed loading patterns. And superior crack resistance means worry–free operation and reduced floor maintenance costs.

At Kalman Floor Company, we build more than just superior industrial floors. We build value.