Kalman Absorption Process® Concrete Floor Topping

Kalman Absorption Process® (AP®) concrete floor topping is a ¾” thick deferred topping bonded to an old or new, previously hardened base slab.
AP® Topping is designed to provide trouble-free service in extreme industrial environments or where facility cleanliness is important. It is not unusual for these floors to provide more than 25 years of service in high forklift traffic conditions.

Kalman AP® Topping installed over a Kalman Seamless Concrete® base slab produces the ultimate in trouble-free flooring. This winning combination reduces floor joints by up to 80% of that found in a typical floor, saving the owner repair and maintenance costs in the future.

You can bring new usefulness to an old facility by resurfacing the floor with Kalman AP® Topping. The topping can replace a floor that has simply worn
, or it may be used to upgrade the facility. In either case, floor renovation
is a practical and cost-effective alternative to abandoning an otherwise useful