Kalman Monorock® Monolithic, Stone-densified Surface Finish

The Kalman Monorock® floor is a long lasting and durable floor finish for moderate duty industrial usage. The key to this floor is the way the cement-coated Monorock® aggregate is incorporated into the surface of the floor.

After a concrete slab is in place, but before it fully hardens, the surface is covered with abrasion-resistant aggregate and carefully embedded for strength. Using procedures developed by Kalman, the surface is kept open so that free moisture can escape. Once the free moisture is evaporated then the floor is troweled to produce a smooth, hard, dense surface.

It is not enough to simply go through the steps in order to produce a true Monorock® floor. The timing of each operation is critical and requires a great deal of experience to “read” each step. Kalman’s crews have the experience and attention to detail that is required for installation of a premium Monorock® floor.