Kalman Floor Company V-Joint®

With a Kalman Floor Company industrial concrete floor, there’s less worry about concrete shrinkage over time and its impact on your company’s operations.  The patented Kalman V-Joint® minimizes down time and reduces maintenance costs associated with joint refilling compared to competing floors.

When joints open up enough to accept the patented Kalman V-Joint® it is used to provide positive support, holding the joint filler at the finished floor elevation.

Kalman recommends that all construction joints be armored with steel bar. In Kalman SC® floors, construction joints are typically spaced at 100-foot centers. When the location of future aisles is not well defined, there is potential for re-racking. The back-to-back steel armor combined with the Kalman V-Joint® provides a durable riding surface for forklifts across the joint as the joint widens from concrete shrinkage.

Below is an illustration of Kalman’s recommended construction joint showing edge armor and the Kalman V-Joint®.