Waste Management

Waste management transfer station floors must withstand incredible abuse ranging from the constant pounding and gouging of tracked vehicles to the never–ending onslaught of corrosive materials. Floors in recycling and waste–to–energy plants also face extreme stress. Designed for exactly these kinds of challenges, Kalman Floor Company’s high quality industrial concrete floors are ideal. Because time is money and continuous operation is critical, our customers require tipping floors that are virtually maintenance–free. Self–polishing and highly resistant to cracking, our waste management floors help to keep your solid waste facilities operating seamlessly, with substantially fewer disruptions than can be caused by standard industrial concrete floors. Our floors last years longer than others — in some cases as long as 8 years!

In business since 1916, Kalman Floor Company consistently delivers the industry’s most durable concrete recycling floors backed by the industry’s best warranty. Super–hard, abrasion resistant, easy to clean waste management floors are built for unmatched performance and durability, with 80% fewer joints than standard industrial concrete floors to keep buckets and waste products from infiltrating and causing damage to the working surface. What does this mean for waste transfer stations like yours? Lower costs and higher productivity.