Can You Handle The Truth?

Kalman has been building value since 1916. We know industrial concrete flooring systems. After all, we invented the category. We know what to spec and how to build them so that they last a long, long time. We have patents to prove it. Owners and users of our floors know our true value – lowest maintenance costs, lowest equipment maintenance costs and highest material handling speed. And sometimes that true value is lost in today’s world of making a fast buck, short time horizons, and short attention spans. That’s why we created Concrete Reality — a series of whitepapers and videos conveying the truth about industrial concrete flooring systems.


Kalman Knows Rapid Resurfacing
And What It Means.

Building Industrial
Concrete Flooring
For Owners.

Myth: “I Can Build You
A Kalman For A lot Less”

Kalman Moves
At The Speed Of Trust.

How Kalman Improves Value
For Design/Build Contractors.

It Costs Less To Work
With Kalman, But You Have
To Pay A Little More.

The True Value
Of A Single Source
Responsibility Contractor.

Kalman Durability
And What That Means To Owners.

At Kalman, Owners Of Our Floors
Are Our Best Salespeople.

Three Reasons To Buy Kalman.

The Best Warranty
In The Industry.

The Value Of Working With
A Kalman Sales Engineer
Versus One Of Our
Competitor’s Estimators.