Why Choose Kalman?

Kalman Floor Company has been building value since 1916. Consider Kalman for four simple reasons:

1. The Most Innovative: We have a passion and history of innovation since we invented the category in 1916. We are problem solvers motivated by the desire to produce the best industrial concrete flooring systems in the world. When we build your floor, you can count on us to build it as if it were our own. So you get the floor that is exactly right for your situation. No cutting corners, just the best floor for you.

2. The Highest Performing Floor You Can Buy: Our floors are the most durable, longest lasting, highest performing industrial concrete flooring systems you can buy. Our non–dusting, easy to clean, super flat floors ensure lift trucks move at maximum speeds so your facilities operate at peak efficiency. With Kalman you will experience the lowest floor maintenance costs, the lowest equipment maintenance costs, and the highest material handling speed of any floor you can buy.

3. The Best Value: Kalman floors provide the best dollar value for you over the life of your floor. Our floors are designed for the people who use the floors and for the people and corporations that own the buildings. They are built to last. And last well, at the highest levels of performance. The one thing that you cannot replace in your warehouse facility is your floor. Over the life of your floor, you can count on having the lowest maintenance costs with Kalman.

4.  Extraordinary Customer Service & Support: We provide superior customer service and support. Bar none, ask around. We have the patents, we have the practices, we have the skilled people to build your floors right so it makes sense that we offer the best warranty in the industry. And, while our competitors offer up estimators we have sales engineers who work with you to determine the best solutions and design, who problem solve, who then follow the work through construction and warranty. Same people. Same expertise all the way through. Many of our clients have had the same people work with them for decades. We are a Single Source Responsibility Contractor meaning that we take total responsibility for the performance of your floor. We take all the responsibility, that’s why our floors perform so well. We’re not after a transaction like our competitors, we are after a relationship. We are very content to let our business grow at the speed of trust.