Kalman Floor Company received the 2006 Construction Communications’ Plaque of Honor for its work on the Safeway Distribution Center in Auburn, Washington.

Kalman Floor Company poured more than 1,051,802 square feet of Kalman Seamless Concrete® and Kalman Monorock® for this award-winning project.  The 116-acre site consists of 8,913 square feet of administration space, a 20,352 square foot truck maintenance building with Tilt-up concrete skin, steel joist and beam roof structure metal roof decking with three ply insulated roof, a 31,054 square foot recycling center, a 524,636 square foot grocery warehouse with 50 x 40 foot bays, a 662,368 square foot refrigeration warehouse, and a fueling station with a reinforced concrete slab and holding area with a steel column and joist canopy, metal decking with a three ply insulated roof.

The award acknowledges Kalman Floor Company, Turner Construction and SLL Leo A. Daly for contributions in helping to build one of the region’s most important projects.

Kalman Seamless Concrete®, which eliminates 80 percent of floor joints, combined with Kalman Monorock®, a durable, self-polishing abrasion-resistant floor finish, is often used in industrial warehouses such as the Safeway Distribution Center to maximize material handling speeds under demanding conditions.

Since 1916, Kalman Floor Company has been eliminating miles of floor joints by installing seamlessly smooth, durable industrial concreted floors for cold storage, meat packing and grocery distribution facilities, beverage distribution warehouses, waste management facilities and large manufacturing plants.