Refurbish Old Floors With Kalman Floor Rehabilitation

Turn a problem industrial concrete floor into a productive work surface…
for 1/3 the cost of replacing it!

That old, dark concrete floor with a rough and pebbly surface, scarred by skid marks or years of epoxy–painted staging lanes does not always have to be replaced. For less than one–third the cost of a new floor, Kalman Floor Company can restore your old floor to a broom finish. The rejuvenation process creates a hardened, smooth, dust–free, shiny and efficient floor surface — its ideal for rack–supporting building floors.

The Kalman Floor Rehabilitation process is done with no downtime and minimal disruptions to your daily operations. Our process allows your operations to continue while only portions of your floor are taken
temporarily out of service. The process is ideal for
facilities with 24/7, 365–day operations.


Floor Rehabilitation

Kalman Rehabilitation process includes:

  • Grinding old industrial concrete floors
    Floor restoration starts with shot blasting, concrete scarifying or diamond grinding industrial floors to an even and unmarked surface
  • Once crack and hole repairs are made, the industrial concrete floor is polished to a smooth and shiny broom finish
  • Then liquid hardeners are used to create a newly hardened, satin–dusting floor

Kalman Floor Company can rehab your floor into a hard, smooth surface that’s non–dusting, easily cleaned and reduces floor and vehicle maintenance at the lowest cost possible.

Dark and Dilapidated, Floor That We Restored          The Army Depot The Potential is Hard to See

Learn how we reclaimed a 70+ year old floor that was thought to be unsalvageable by visiting our case study on the Price Choppers Floor Rehabilitation Project.

Kalman Absorption Process® concrete topping is used for superior abrasion resistance and strength. Kalman AP® topping can provide over 25 years of additional service to an industrial concrete floor.

Finished Result

If your floor needs replacing or you are constructing a new facility, contact a Kalman Floor Company sales engineer at 1-800-525-7840 today.