Kalman Floor Company has built more than 2.5 million square feet of concrete floors providing the combination of strength, durability and stone–hard density necessary for a continuously sanitary environment throughout a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Our non–dusting, self–polishing floors are easy to clean and the most abrasion resistant available which makes them ideal for warehouse floors in most all medical and high–technology industrial settings. Our reputation for highly durable industrial concrete pharmaceutical distribution floors has stood up beautifully to both the harsh sanitizing agents and frequent cleaning required in the industry, and equally important, to the test of time. More than one dozen Kalman Floors in service today were built for pharmaceutical companies in the 1960s.

That kind of endurance allows Kalman to offer the industry’s best warranty on a floor that helps owners comply with FDA regulations. Our floors are commonly seen in USDA approved settings, as well. With Kalman Floor you’re assured years of worry–free performance in your pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.

One reason Kalman can reduce your ongoing operating costs and regulatory compliance headaches is that traditional industrial concrete floors have 5 times as many open joints space that can harbor bacteria and other contaminants compared to a Kalman Floor.